Insurance Planning and Wealth Building Advisors in Manitoba & Ontario

Our Commitment: Your benefit over our own.

At SmartWealth, we focus on your benefit as a client, instead of ours. 

We help you implement easy and practical ways to take care of yourself and the people you love.

As independent financial security advisors, we help you effectively manage the potential financial risks of serious life events, in case your ability to make a living ever gets affected as well as help you slowly build wealth over time in a tax-efficient manner to achieve financial independence, so you need not work at old age because you have to, but because you want to.

Our aim is to build a long-term relationship with you, not the typical one-off transaction then you never hear from them again. 

We offer a holistic financial advisory approach. From financial risk management,  wealth accumulation, retirement, and estate preservation.

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Risk Management & Asset Protection

Injury or Illness

Will your income continue in case an injury or illness prevent you from actively doing what you do to earn income?

Can you or your loved ones cope with the loss of or reduced income?

Serious Illness

While most Canadians survive a critical condition, most of those who survive often find themselves in financial difficulties while a good number of them had to file for bankruptcies.


Premature Death

Your loved ones’ most valuable asset is YOU when you’re at WORK.

A well-planned life insurance coverage protects your loved ones’ financial well-being by providing the necessary capital to replace your income in case of premature death.

Wealth Accumulation & Retirement Planning


An emergency fund helps you avoid dipping into your life savings or going into debt in case of emergency expenditures like vehicle repairs or home renovations, it also helps you protect your financial security in case of business setbacks, job loss, or career transition.

Children's Education

A well-planned education savings plan ensures that your children have the necessary funds for college or university so they need not go into debt just because they want to finish school.



The two most common problems most Canadians experience at old age are: 1.) there aren’t enough funds to live comfortably, 2.) they risk outliving their retirement funds.


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