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SmartWealth Financial Incorporated is a Canadian financial services agency currently serving the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba.  As independent financial security advisors, we help Canadians realign their spending toward things that really matter to them and their loved ones.

With all the “opportunities” to spend our hard-earned money, many Canadians find themselves in a situation where there really isn’t enough left over at the end of the day to finance the things that are really important to them and their loved ones.

Things like financial security and wealth accumulation are often and constantly put aside, if not left behind.

It is critical that all Canadians, regardless of their financial standing, use their resources responsibly, and align their spending toward one that protects their financial security and builds assets over time.

For many of us, money is earned and spent with little to no thought as to where it goes or for what purpose. We have urgent obligations such as rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, credit cards, personal loans, etc.

TV, radio, internet, and social media ads and influencers bombard us with ideas of what we “need” and “should” have. These desire-based spending habits eat up our limited resources, often before we even thought about what is really important to us and allocate money toward these more important things.

Our role as financial security advisors is to lead you to a process that reverses this pattern by first establishing what is truly important, then assessing your current position and spending habits in relation to what matters most to you.

We then establish a comfortable monthly amount to allocate toward planning appropriately to both build wealth and eliminate the potential risks to the plan.

Our process is a living plan, a continued client-advisor relationship, which is reviewed annually and amended accordingly, to ultimately build a roadmap to your financial independence and goal achievement. In essence, “realigning your expenditures to protect what matters most”.

Generally, our financial advisory services are categorized into two parts, one protects your financial security in case your ability to earn a living if ever challenged by a serious life event, and the other builds your assets to help you succeed financially, hence our tagline:

“Protect what matters most, build wealth one step at a time.”

Our services revolve around two important aspects of a person’s life, namely;

1. Financial Security, and

2. Wealth Accumulation

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Financial Risk Management

Risk management helps you mitigate the financial risks of certain life events that may affect your ability to make a living (financial security) for yourself and your loved ones, thereby safeguarding your financial security, lifestyle, and your loved ones’ future.

The following risk management solutions are designed to help you protect what really matters to you and your loved ones – financial security at times when your household needs it the most.

Wealth Accumulation

According to Statistics Canada, 47% of people who have started their careers at the age of 25 require financial assistance at age 65, and 6% must continue to work in order to make ends meet. 

That sums up to 53%, which means that about half of the Canadian population are not financially secured after 40-years of active work.

Risk management protects your income when you’re at work, wealth accumulation makes it a point that you have money to work for you at old age, so you need not continue working passed retirement age, not unless if you want to, just so you can keep yourself occupied.

Wealth accumulation through investing is a vital part of a sound financial strategy, yet is oftentimes confusing and emotionally challenging. Many marketers promise “get rich quick” stock suggestions, “sure-fire” market-timing schemes” or exaggerated investment returns.

These marketers know that it is easy to prey on most people’s desire to acquire wealth quickly without applying the diligence, prudence and sacrifice that is actually necessary.

Real wealth accumulation takes time, commitment, and consistency. There’s no such a thing as “overnight millionaire”, and as you may know, get rich quick schemes simply doesn’t work.

In other words, if it’s too good to be true, it most likely isn’t. 

The good news is, there are practical and effective ways on how you can build wealth in Canada. 

If you work with us as our client, this part doesn’t get left out but instead of ludicrous promises of trying to outsmart the market, we help you build wealth successfully over the long term by helping you implement a passive investment strategy through any of your preferred solutions below:

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Other Services

We offer other financial services and products that fit into the full financial picture, some may or may not be applicable to you. Rest assured, our service to you is tailor-fit to your situation, comfortability, and goals.

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