Affordable Life Insurance Services in Manitoba, Canada

Securing affordable life insurance services in Manitoba, Canada, is a wise decision for preserving your family’s financial future.
With our expertise in simplifying the intricacies of life insurance, we deliver a seamless experience that will enable you to make sound decisions for a secure future.
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What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is essentially an agreement where you pay premiums to an insurer, and in return, they promise to give a lump sum payment to your chosen beneficiaries if you pass away while the policy is active.
This crucial financial instrument is designed to protect your loved ones from the financial consequences of losing a provider. This protection is particularly vital for families with young children who may not yet have the means to support themselves independently.

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Our smart wealth solutions ensure that your family or loved ones are safeguarded no matter what life throws your way.
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How Does Life Insurance Work in Canada?

Life insurance operates on a simple principle: if you pass away while your policy is active—meaning you’ve kept up with your premium payments—your beneficiaries get a payout known as the death benefit.
It can be utilized for any purpose they see fit. Before committing to a policy, the life insurance company will determine your premiums based on factors like:
Generally, younger and healthier individuals receive more favorable quotes. To find the best coverage at a reasonable price, comparing quotes from reputable insurers is a smart starting point. Explore our options today and secure peace of mind for the future.

Why Consider Life Insurance Manitoba, CA?

Life insurance offers a reliable path to achieve your financial goals, which provides security and certainty. With life insurance, you can:

Protect the People you Love

Keep the well-being of your family by replacing lost income to support them financially.

Secure Your Home

Secure your family's residence by covering significant expenses like mortgage payments.

Plan for Stability

Provide a stable future for your loved ones by assisting with education costs and ensuring future income.

Grow Your Investment

Enhance your financial planning with tax-deferred savings, investment opportunities, and borrowing options.

Meet Your Needs Within Budget

Choose from life insurance options to suit your lifestyle at every stage of your financial journey.

Get Professional Advice

Our friendly life insurance advisors are here to address any questions you may have and help you achieve your goals effectively.

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Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance provides lasting reassurance by securing a legacy for your family. At SmartWealth, our coverage guarantees a range of benefits supported by our reliable claims-paying ability.
  • 100% Protection

    For those with dependents relying on them, a whole life policy acts as a reliable financial safety net. Upon your passing, beneficiaries receive a guaranteed lump-sum payment.

  • Income Replacement

    Protect your family's financial stability by making sure they have the means to cover essential expenses like mortgage payments, childcare, education costs, and debt repayment in the event of your untimely passing.

  • Tax-Free Benefit

    The benefit from your life insurance policy is typically passed on to beneficiaries' federal income tax-free to make sure they receive the full amount you intended for them.

  • Cash Value Growth

    Build cash value over time with guaranteed growth, which provides a flexible resource to supplement retirement income, fund education, pay off debts, or establish an emergency fund.

  • Dividend Potential

    With SmartWealth, you may be eligible to receive dividends. Use dividends to offset premiums, increase coverage, or take as cash, depending on your needs.

Invest in SmartWealth Life Insurance for a Better Tomorrow

Secure your loved ones’ future by investing in the life insurance your family deserves.
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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

By conducting a life insurance needs analysis, you can accurately assess your financial responsibilities. This involves considering factors such as:
Simply add up these obligations to arrive at the total amount of life insurance you need to protect your loved ones in the event of your untimely passing.
For instance:
This figure may seem confusing at first glance, but it encompasses all financial obligations. Many individuals calculate life insurance needs based on income replacement and final expenses.

What is Life Insurance Used For?

Life insurance is a smart way for Canadians to manage the financial risks associated with death. Here’s how it can help:

Replace a Breadwinner's Income

Life insurance is crucial for replacing the income of a breadwinner or their spouse in the event of an unexpected death, which provides vital financial stability, particularly for couples with young children.

Paying Off Consumer Debts

With the average consumer debt in Canada at around $23,800.00, life insurance can cover this debt if someone passes away prematurely. 

Pay Off Outstanding Mortgage

When a family buys a home, both partners' incomes are usually considered for the mortgage. However, if one partner passes away, the surviving spouse might need to qualify for the mortgage alone when it ends.

Pay for Funeral Expenses and Taxes at Death

When you pass away, your loved ones may struggle to cover your funeral expenses, which average around $25,000 in Canada. Life insurance benefits make sure they receive financial assistance to ease this burden.

Avoid Probate Fees Using Life Insurance

Life insurance death benefits to named beneficiaries are tax-free and bypass probate to make sure heirs receive their inheritance without probate fees or taxes.

Pay Taxes Due on Inheritance

Many older individuals assume they're passing on money and assets to their children without considering the potential tax burdens their heirs might face upon inheriting these assets.

Leave a Tax-free Legacy

You don't need millions to leave a tax-free inheritance for your next generation. In Canada, life insurance proceeds are typically tax-free.

Create an Income Trust

A life insurance trust is established with the proceeds from a person's life insurance policy after their death. It's designed to provide financial stability for the spouse and/or children of the policyholder.

Managed by a trustee, the funds are invested to generate income for beneficiaries, especially if they depend on the deceased as the main breadwinner.
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Types of Life Insurance We Offer

Life insurance provides financial security for you and your loved ones, and understanding the different types can help you make the right choice for your circumstances.

Term Life Insurance

Offering temporary coverage for 10, 15, 20 years, or more, term life insurance is an affordable initial option. However, premiums typically increase upon renewal at the end of the term. Some plans allow conversion to permanent life insurance, which offers lifelong coverage with stable premiums.

Permanent Life Insurance

This coverage lasts indefinitely and has three main types: whole life, participating, and universal life. Permanent policies may offer tax-preferred growth in cash value and options to increase the death benefit, which provides long-term financial security for you and your beneficiaries.

Benefits of Life Insurance in Canada

Life insurance offers invaluable support for your family’s financial well-being, and with SmartWealth, you can secure coverage to ease their burdens in the event of your passing.
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How Do You Qualify for Life Insurance?

Life insurance is accessible to most Canadians, but the cost of premiums depends on the type of coverage and the risk factors such as age, health, and lifestyle.
  • Eligibility

    Life insurance is generally available to most Canadians, but premiums vary based on factors like age, health, and lifestyle.

  • Pre-existing Conditions

    If you have pre-existing conditions, you may not qualify for standard-rate insurance. Insurers may offer coverage with higher premiums or decline your application.

  • Specialized Options

    For those with a "high risk" lifestyle or medical conditions, specialized options like the Canada Protection Plan offer no medical life insurance coverage.

  • Application Process

    Contact a life insurance agent or financial advisor to start the application process.

  • Information Required

    Provide personal details such as your date of birth, legal name, health information, lifestyle details, and beneficiary names.

  • Medical Exams

    For coverage up to $1 million, medical exams are usually not required, except for pre-existing conditions or if you're over 50, when urine and blood samples may be necessary.

Talk with a Licensed Insurance Advisor

If you’re unsure about life insurance, consulting a financial advisor can help determine the coverage you need for you and your family. A well-planned insurance strategy may involve a combination of permanent and term life insurance.
If budget is a concern, starting with a term life policy that covers your financial obligations with an option for conversion later can be a good choice.
Alternatively, if you prefer lifelong financial protection, consider Whole Life or Universal Life insurance. The key is to make sure you have the right amount of financial protection for your family’s needs, regardless of the type of policy you choose.
Expert advice from a life insurance professional is crucial for making wise decisions about your insurance planning. To begin, simply use the appointment booking form below, and we’ll work to find a convenient time for you.
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Why Choose Ramon Desiderio and SmartWealth Life Insurance Services in Canada?

Life insurance is a critical aspect of financial planning, and choosing the right provider can make all the difference. Here’s why you should trust us with your life insurance needs:
  • Personalized Coverage

    We know everyone's financial situation is different. That's why we create personalized life insurance plans just for you.

  • Clear Communication

    We believe in transparent communication. You'll always be kept informed about your life insurance options.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Whether it's exploring new policies or optimizing existing ones, we're committed to helping you achieve your life insurance goals.

  • Client-Centric Service

    We strive to exceed your expectations by providing exceptional service and support throughout your life insurance journey.

With SmartWealth, you can trust that your needs are always at the forefront of our efforts.

Frequently Asked QuestionsAbout Life Insurance

The main reason people get life insurance is to ensure their family’s financial security if they pass away. If someone depends on you financially, life insurance is crucial. Here are some signs you may need it:  
  • Expecting a baby  
  • Have dependents like children  
  • Share financial responsibilities with your spouse/partner  
  • Have debts like a mortgage or car loan that your spouse/partner couldn’t handle alone  
  • Want to cover funeral expenses  
  • Want to leave money for charity  
  • Have assets like a cottage to leave to your family and want to minimize tax liability  
  • Run a business and need to protect key employees  
While life insurance aims to protect your loved ones, you must understand its limitations. The death benefit won’t be paid if the insured individual commits suicide within two years of the coverage or reinstatement date. Additionally, the benefit won’t be paid if the policy is declared void due to material omission, misrepresentation, or fraud.
Determining the right amount of life insurance for you is individual, but you might need more than you realize. Factors like your income, debts, number of dependents, and other considerations should guide your decision-making.
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