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As your Winnipeg financial advisor, we can help you in many different areas of your financial life, including wealth accumulation and retirement planning, estate planning and wealth transfer, investment planning, and financial risk management.

Our team of dedicated financial advisors is committed to helping you achieve your wealth accumulation goals through simple, yet effective strategies that minimize financial risks.

We understand that every client is unique, which is why we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to save for retirement, purchase a new home, or simply build your wealth over time, we can create a personalized plan to help you reach your targets. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to helping you reach your financial goals!

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Simply click or tap on the button on the right (or below) to book an exploratory meeting to learn how our financial advisory services can help you and your household in planning your financial future, while at the same time helping you hedge against your financial risks.

Winnipeg Financial Advisor Services

Risk Management and Asset Protection

As opposed to popular belief, income and investments aren’t the foundation of a solid financial plan. 

Should your ability to earn a living ever gets affected by a serious life event, your income STOPS

Most Canadians who have experienced such roadblocks had to dip into their investments or even debts in order to support themselves and/or loved ones to supplement the household’s loss of or reduced income while they are dealing with an illness, injury or a breadwinner’s death.

Protecting your #1 asset

A well-planned personal financial risk management strategy safeguards your primary asset—your ability to earn income. By identifying and mitigating potential risks, you protect yourself and loved ones from financial hardships during challenging times. This approach ensures that in case of an inability to work, your household remains financially secure, emphasizing the importance of planning to avoid unexpected difficulties.

Book an appointment here to explore your financial risk management options. As independent Winnipeg financial advisors, we can help you implement risk management plans that take care of your financial well-being, so you never have to be poor, no matter what curved-balls life throws your way.

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Wealth Accumulation

To manage money effectively, follow the rule of spending less than your income to build financial freedom. Our financial advisory firm focuses on understanding your unique circumstances, developing a personalized investment strategy, and helping you make informed decisions to grow your wealth. Remember, investing is about “time in the market,” not timing the market, as longer investments generally lead to higher growth.

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Wealth Transfer and Estate Preservation

When you pass away at old age and you’ve managed to accumulate wealth that is going to be passed on to your heirs, know that any other asset that you’re going to leave behind except your primary residence and insurance may all be subject to capital gains taxes.

If your estate or heirs don’t have the means to pay off these capital gains, the assets passed on may need to be liquidated to pay off taxes at death since all assets left behind are considered disposed of before the person’s death.

One of the best ways to transfer wealth, tax-free to your next generation is through life insurance as they don’t need to pay taxes on the life insurance proceeds, and if you’re leaving other assets to your heirs, well-planned life insurance can cover and pay for any capital gains that may arise as a result of your death.

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Top Financial Advisor - FAQs

What does a financial advisor exactly do?

A financial advisor assists individuals, families, or businesses in making informed decisions about their money. Services include financial risk management, wealth accumulation, retirement planning, and wealth transfer. A crucial role is helping clients set financial goals, analyzing factors like income and expenses, and implementing a strategy to achieve those goals. This may involve investment recommendations. Financial advisors offer ongoing support and advice to help clients stay on track and make necessary adjustments.

Are financial advisors free?

The cost of financial advice varies based on services and financial complexity. Advisors may charge hourly rates, flat fees, or a percentage of assets. Some earn commissions from product sales, potentially raising concerns about conflicts of interest. However, the key is to choose a trustworthy advisor who delivers value for their fees.

How does a financial advisor get paid?

Financial advisors are compensated through commissions or fees. Commissions come from the companies whose products they sell, while fees are paid directly by clients. Advisors may use a fee-based model, charging hourly or a flat fee, or work on commission, taking a percentage of managed funds. Regardless of payment structure, advisors are obligated by law to prioritize clients’ interests, disclose conflicts of interest, and act in the clients’ best interest.

Do I really need a financial advisor?

While some believe they can handle finances independently, seeking a financial advisor has several advantages. Advisors offer objective advice tailored to individual circumstances, aiding in the development and tracking of financial goals. Their expertise extends to investment opportunities and retirement planning, providing valuable insights. Collaborating with a financial advisor instills confidence, ensuring that your finances are well-managed.

Should I get financial advisor in 20s?

When deciding on a financial advisor, age is crucial, especially for young adults. While those in their 20s may find managing finances independently feasible due to lower stakes, professional help is beneficial. Financial advisors offer guidance on long-term goals like retirement savings, provide insights into wise investments, and help protect against financial risks. Seeking a financial advisor is a smart move for proactive young adults.

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