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Infinite Banking Concept: Key Strategies for Canadian Wealth Building

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Our infinite banking concept strategy helps you build generational wealth while having access to liquid assets to fund emergencies, major purchases, and your retirement while alive.

Stroll down the path to financial freedom with our Infinite Banking Concept. At SmartWealth Financial Incorporated, we’ll work together to turn your financial dreams into reality. 

What is Infinite Banking Concept in Canada?

In Canada, this savvy financial strategy empowers you to become your own banker. The core of this approach lies in dividend-earning and participating in whole life insurance policies. Think of it as crafting your very own banking system.   

Through this method, you can fund your loans for substantial purchases or investments, all without being dependent on conventional banks or third-party lenders. It’s a personalized financial approach that puts you in control. 

How Does Infinite Banking Concept Canada Work

In the Infinite Banking Concept, the cash values within whole life insurance policies act as collateral for policy loans. As long as you have enough cash values inside the policy, and your premiums are up-to-date, obtaining a policy loan is easy.   

Just call your insurance company, and you can request a loan against your equity without explaining the purpose, income, or collateral. You’ll often get the loaned funds in your chequing account three to four business day.    

Unlike term life insurance, participating whole life insurance covers your entire life, creating a growing income stream that boosts your policy’s equity over time.   

Your Trusted Partner in Financial Growth

Begin Your Infinite Banking Journey With SmartWealth

Take control of your wealth and discover a smarter way to grow your money in Canada. With SmartWealth as your guide, you’ll gain access to crucial ideas for wealth development, turning your financial dreams into a reality. 

Benefits of Infinite Banking Concept in Canada

Here are the compelling benefits that make Infinite Banking a game-changer for your financial journey.  

While other collateral options offer 50-80% LTV, our participating whole-life policies often secure 80-100% at competitive rates, providing flexible borrowing options from both insurance companies and banks. (All par whole life policies can qualify up to 100% LTV) 

Enjoy tax-deferred growth inside your policy, accelerating compounding over time. By leaving your money in the policy and accessing value through loans, you can potentially take out most funds tax-free, depending on loan strategies.  

Fulfill your life insurance needs seamlessly. Infinite Banking provides a strategic way to obtain necessary coverage while putting your money to work, ensuring liquidity and flexibility in premium payments.  

Discover the power of Infinite Banking Concept – a versatile financial strategy tailored to enhance wealth, liquidity, and protection for individuals and businesses alike.  

(Note that we lower the initial amount of coverage when using life insurance for wealth building such as the infinite banking concept. Additional coverage may be needed on top of the IBC policy to fully cover the life insured’s financial obligations such as income/mortgage, etc.) 

Disadvantages of Infinite Banking Concept

While the Infinite Banking Concept offers numerous benefits, you must also acknowledge its limitations.  

Not for Everyone

The Infinite Banking Concept isn’t suitable for everyone. It requires commitment and may not be practical for those living paycheck to paycheck.  

Delayed Borrowing

You can’t borrow money from your policy right away. It’s necessary to “build your bank first,” meaning you must accumulate enough cash value in your policy before using it for financing.  

High Initial Contributions

Higher-than-usual monthly or annual contributions are needed in the early years to benefit fully from the concept. This might be considered expensive for individuals with limited financial flexibility.

Wealth Building Priority

The concept is most effective for those who prioritize wealth building. If building wealth isn’t a primary focus and funds are tied up in other financial obligations, the monthly contributions may be perceived as burdensome.  

For the best results with Infinite Banking, contribute early and generously. SmartWealth can guide you in maximizing this strategy for lasting financial growth.  

How Ramon Desiderio and SmartWealth Team Can Help You with Infinite Banking

Discover the endless possibilities that Infinite Banking holds for you. Here are five compelling reasons to choose our expertise: 

Partnering with Ramon Desiderio and SmartWealth Team means more than just financial assistance—it means having a reliable ally on your path to financial empowerment through Infinite Banking. 

Don't Just Dream Of Financial Freedom – Make It A Reality With Infinite Banking

With Infinite Banking in Canada, turning dreams into reality is just a click away. Stop dreaming and start living the life you deserve.

Why Use Participating Whole Life for Infinite Banking in Canada?

Participating in whole life insurance is an excellent choice for infinite banking for a few key reasons.  

Dual Benefit Fusion

Participating whole life insurance seamlessly combines a life insurance contract with a dividend-earning savings account that offers a dual benefit structure.

Tax-Free Asset Accumulation 

Build tax-free asset accumulation within your policy, providing a financial foundation for large purchases, life events, or retirement funding.

Stability Over Market Volatility

Unlike universal life insurance, the cash value and death benefit growth in participating whole life insurance remain unaffected by market volatility.  

Consistent Dividend Payouts

Mutual life insurance companies consistently pay dividends to policyholders, typically ranging between 4% and 7%. The policy dividend scale for most Canadian carriers averages around 5%.  

Predictable Returns

The dividend scale for the insurance company we use is 6.25%, which offers a predictable return comparable to averaging 6.05% on a mutual fund investment without market fluctuations.  

Tax-Free Death Benefit

Enjoy a tax-free death benefit, providing financial security for your loved ones in the event of your passing while still accumulating wealth.  

How Do I Get Started with Infinite Banking Life Insurance?

Wondering how to begin your journey into Infinite Banking? Here are some starting points to guide you.

Conduct Thorough Research 

Begin by familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals of Infinite Banking. Local regulations, insurance company policies, and the type of policy you choose can impact your strategy.  

Evaluate Your Finances

Reflect on your current financial standing. Infinite Banking is a long-term commitment, and the premiums for whole life insurance policies may differ from term life insurance.  

Get in Touch with SmartWealth 

Ready to take the next step? Contact the SmartWealth team, your trusted Infinite Banking experts. Whether you seek information or are eager to start your journey, Ramon and his team are here to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Your path to Infinite Banking begins with a conversation. 

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