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SmartWealth Financial Incorporated is a Canadian financial services agency currently serving the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba.  As independent financial security advisors, we help Canadians realign their spending toward things that really matter to them and their loved ones.

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Many Canadians struggle to prioritize financial security and wealth accumulation amid various spending opportunities. It is crucial for everyone, regardless of financial standing, to allocate resources responsibly. Urgent obligations often overshadow long-term financial goals, with desire-driven spending habits consuming limited resources. Financial security advisors aim to reverse this pattern by identifying and prioritizing what truly matters to individuals. Through a living plan and an ongoing client-advisor relationship, a roadmap is created to align expenditures with important financial goals, ultimately working towards financial independence and goal achievement. The focus is on “realigning expenditures to protect what matters most.”

Generally, our financiaadvisory services are categorized into two parts, one protects your financial security in case your ability to earn a living if ever challenged by a serious life event, and the other builds your assets to help you succeed financially, hence our tagline:

“Protect what matters most, build wealth one step at a time.”

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Our services revolve around two important aspects of a person’s life, namely;

1. Financial Security, and

2. Wealth Accumulation

Financial Security:

Risk Management: Mitigating financial risks associated with life events affecting the ability to earn a living.
Offerings include Life Insurance (Personal), Corporate-Owned Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, and Health Insurance.
Aim is to safeguard financial security, lifestyle, and loved ones’ future during challenging times.

Wealth Accumulation:

Acknowledges the challenge many Canadians face in securing financial stability after 40 years of active work. Advocates for a combination of risk management to protect income during active work and wealth accumulation to ensure financial well-being post-retirement.

Emphasizes that real wealth accumulation requires time, commitment, and consistency, discouraging “get rich quick” schemes. Offers practical and effective ways for Canadians to build wealth through sound financial strategies and investments. Overall, SmartWealth’s approach is encapsulated in their tagline: “Protect what matters most, build wealth one step at a time.”

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Other Services

We offer other financial services and products that fit into the full financial picture, some may or may not be applicable to you. Rest assured, our service to you is tailor-fit to your situation, comfortability, and goals.

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