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Welcome to SmartWealth Financial Incorporated, your premier destination for life insurance and financial services across Canada.

At SmartWealth, we prioritize your financial security and wealth growth, offering tailored solutions that safeguard your family’s future and enhance your financial portfolio.

Whether you are in Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario, or British Columbia, our innovative life insurance planning and financial services are designed to provide stability, growth, and prosperity.

At SmartWealth, we believe in a holistic financial advisory approach. Our services protect you against life's uncertainties while helping you build wealth for the future.

Protecting your most valuable asset forms a solid foundation for building wealth. SmartWealth is dedicated to helping you financially safeguard your capacity to earn income through carefully designed insurance solutions.

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We believe in people helping people. SmartWealth financial insurance agents provide real support, answering your questions, addressing concerns, and offering guidance.  

Holistic Financial Services

At SmartWealth, we believe in a holistic financial advisory approach. Our services protect against life’s uncertainties while building a solid foundation for future growth.

Long-Term Client Relationship

Life evolves, and so do your needs. Our life insurance agents go beyond the initial setup. We provide our clients with long-term financial guidance to ensure they are well-protected and achieve their financial aspirations.

Choose SmartWealth for well-planned life insurance and financial services solutions customized to your current situation, needs and future goals.

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Comprehensive Financial Services Tailored for You

In its essence, life insurance is an agreement between you and an insurance company. This contract assures that if, within a specified timeframe, the policyholderlife insured passes away, a sum of money will be disbursed to the beneficiaries designated by the policyholder

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Benefits of Life Insurance for Wealth Building

Unlike conventional investment methods, life insurance has been a well-kept secret of the financially savvy for generations.
Here’s why it stands out: 

Tax-Advantaged Wealth Growth

Life insurance provides a unique avenue for tax-advantaged wealth growth, allowing you to preserve and increase your wealth more efficiently.  

Tax-Deferred Growth

The cash value in permanent life insurance enables wealth accumulation and offers policyholders flexibility for tax-free fund access through loans or withdrawals, serving as a valuable asset class for wealth building, and leaving a higher estate.

Uninterrupted Wealth Growth

Unlike traditional investments, policyholders retain cash values for immediate access without wealth depletion, allowing uninterrupted growth within the policy. 

More Predictable Wealth Accumulation

Experience a level of predictability in wealth accumulation that sets life insurance apart from traditional investment approaches.   

Compound Asset Growth

Policyholders contribute to the policy, directing a portion to the cash value, invested in market portfolios (universal life) or carrier's funds for tax-sheltered, compounding dividends. 

Financial Protection

Building wealth with permanent life insurance ensures financial security for loved ones in the event of premature death, covering needs like income and debts. 

Tax-Efficient Estate & Wealth Transfer Strategy

Ensure a seamless transition of assets to your beneficiaries by employing life insurance as a tax-efficient strategy for estate planning and wealth transfer.  

Liquidity and Flexibility

Permanent life insurance provides liquidity, allowing policyholders to access the cash value for needs like retirement income, education expenses, or emergencies. 

Tax-Efficient Wealth Transfer

Life insurance safeguards your legacy by providing essential liquidity to prevent asset erosion or liquidation during the taxable event of death. 

Want to Build Generational Wealth?

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Your financial aspirations deserve a strategic roadmap, and life insurance is the key to turning those dreams into reality. Join us today for a future that’s not just envisioned but thoughtfully crafted

Strategic Financial Insurance Solutions That We Offer

Explore our strategies designed to empower your financial journey.

Empower yourself to “self-finance” major expenses, investments, or business ventures through infinite banking, reclaiming interest that would be lost with traditional loans.  

Optimize your retirement strategy with tax-free asset growth and potential tax-free income using a permanent insurance policy. We offer both corporate and individual insured retirement plans.  

Life insurance helps preserve and transfer wealth tax-efficiently, providing necessary liquidity for any capital gains taxes that may arise.  

A company-sponsored financial package encompassing life and health insurance alongside retirement benefits, ensuring employees a secure and comprehensive financial future. 

Empowering life insurance policy as a versatile tool for personal banking, enabling wealth creation, borrowing, and strategic retirement planning. 

A company-sponsored financial package encompassing life and health insurance alongside retirement benefits, ensuring employees a secure and comprehensive financial future. 

Guarantees crucial support for loved ones in case of the policyholder’s passing. Beyond protection, it’s a versatile tool with implications for investment and estate planning, underscoring its broader financial importance. 

Essential support upon a serious medical diagnosis. Offering a buffer against associated costs, it enables individuals to focus on recovery, emphasizing its significance in health and wealth protection.  

Ensures financial stability by replacing income when an individual faces a disability. It stands as a key element in preserving financial well-being during unexpected circumstances.  

Embedded in financial planning, it supports both physical and financial wellness, relieving individuals from the constant worry of unexpected medical expenses. 

Crucial for journeys, it covers unforeseen events like trip cancellations and medical emergencies, ensuring peace of mind by shielding against unexpected financial burdens. 

Why Choose Ramon Desiderio and SmartWealth Financial Incorporated for Building Wealth with Life Insurance?

We, the SmartWealth Financial Team, recommend our services for building wealth with life insurance because we specialize in leveraging this tax-efficient asset class, exempt from capital gains taxes at death, similar to primary residences.
Here are the reasons why you should choose us:
  • Safe & Secure

    Participating in whole life policies are a safe and secure way of building wealth. Your wealth growth isn’t dependent on market performance.

  • Tax-Free Growth

    Your cash value grows and compounds inside the policy, tax-free over time, and it remains tax-free if the asset stays inside the policy.

  • Magnify Wealth

    The death benefit of participating whole life tends to increase over time. The longer you live, the higher the tax-free death benefit for your heirs.

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How to Build Wealth with Life Insurance

Building wealth with life insurance involves understanding the various types available. Here’s a concise breakdown:  

Term Life Insurance 

If you pass away within the term, loved ones receive a tax-free payout. People choose term life insurance for peace of mind, providing financial support if they die unexpectedly.  

Permanent Life Insurance 

Lasts as long as premiums are paid, offering coverage until death. Beneficiaries receive a payout, and the policy accumulates cash value. Two types include:  

  • Whole Life Insurance 
  • Universal Life Insurance 

While permanent life insurance offers enduring benefits, term life insurance is often preferred for its lower cost.   

Worrying About Your Future?
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Our financial solutions empower you to build wealth while ensuring peace of mind. Let your financial journey be a story of success and security. Start today and let SmartWealth be your trusted companion on the path to a worry-free tomorrow. 

Four Types of Permanent Life Insurance

Here, we present a concise breakdown of the four main types, each with its features catering to different financial needs and goals.  

  1. Whole or Ordinary Life Insurance – Common and straightforward, it merges a death benefit with a savings account. Regular premiums secure a set death benefit, and the savings element grows with company-paid dividends.  
  2. Universal or Adjustable Life Insurance – Flexibility beyond whole life insurance. Increase death benefit with a medical exam. Cash value earns money market interest, enabling premium payment adjustments with sufficient funds.  
  3. Variable Life Insurance – It offers the potential for faster growth but entails increased risk; poor investment performance may decrease the cash value and death benefit, though some policies guarantee a minimum death benefit.  
  4. Variable-Universal Life Insurance – Combining features of variable and universal policies, this option offers investment flexibility and the ability to adjust premiums and death benefits.   

Choose a policy aligned with your risk tolerance and financial goals.

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